Vitamin D3 v. Important info

Hi there,

we made a rather alarming discovery a month ago. I was fumbling with my caplets and as usual, dropped one. Our cat licked it and then delicately punctured it.

We went off to my job for the weekend and returned to a very sick cat. We took her to the vet and the vet thought it may be leukaemia, but I did some reading and I’m sure she got a droplet of D3.

D3 is calciferol, which is the main ingredient of rat poison. It depletes the red blood cells, leaving the rat very week and then causes kidney failure. It’s been a month now and the Duchess, our cat, is doing well. She still has pale gums, but is eating very well and her kidneys are working. She’s put on nearly a kilo and I think she may pull through. She’s happy, curious and wandering around as usual.

So, if you also have a tendency to drop small objects, it’s worth hunting for the capsule or pill. Both cats and dogs are equally affected.

I’m quite clumsy with my right hand. I will never drop something and hope that it just disappears. Lord knows what’s under the furniture! Just as long as there are no giant spiders or cockroaches…who’d have thought D3 is rat poison?

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So I’ve been taking rat poison for that last four years.

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Same as Warfarin. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I never knew. Blasted right hand. I can’t pick up anything without dropping it.

The adored Duchess will be fine. Yes, Whammel dear, it’s cats…

We do end up taking some odd things. Rat poison, furniture polish, hamster pee,…