Vitamin D.

Morning! all,

Does anyone have any ideas about vitamin D for me and my 2yr9mth daughter?, because I think that maybe she should have some everyday, any ideas, suggestions or comments.

I don't know, but perhaps there will be advice on the vitamind3uk and vitamindcouncil websites?

Karen x

This is from the  Vitamin d Council website

"If you use suntan parlours once a week or if you live in Florida and sunbathe once a week, year-round, do nothing. However, if you have little UVB exposure, the advice is as follows:

Doses for children and adults


healthy children under the age of 1 years should take 1,000 IU vitamin D3 per day—

over the age of one,

1,000 IU vitamin D3 per every 25 pounds of body weight per day.

Well adults and adolescents should take 5,000 IU vitamin D3 per day. ........."

the link is