Vitamin D is 79 nmol/L in NHS test. Is that ok?

Sorry I know we get a lot of Vit D questions…

I just got the results of NHS test and I’m 79 nmol/L.

According to GP nurse that’s in the ‘optimal concentration’ range of 76 - 200 nmol/L and therefore don’t need supplement.

I was trying to take 5000 iu every few days (tried daily but made me feel ill) and stopped a couple of months ago until I could be tested.

Would you Vit D experts on here think I should resume taking a supplement?


Pat x

Hi Pat,

I’m not an expert, but sure I’ve read somewhere it should be around 150 nmol/l. Last time I had mine tested in January, it was also 79 nmol/l and GP told me to carry on taking 2 x 20,000 weekly for 2 months, then cut down to 2 x 20,000 monthly and get my levels tested again in April.

Fizzy x

Thanks Fizzy… yes I think you are right … I googled it and ended up reading an old post from this site (!) saying same, it should be around 150 nmol/L for max’ benefit.

I think I’m going to take 5,000 iu twice a week and see about getting tested again in about 6 months.


Pat x