Vit E & Calcium Suppliments: Possible Health Risk

I’ve seen a few posts lately about Vitamin suppliments, so I have copied this from my recent GP practice newsletter.

Many people take extra vitamins but evidence is appearing that suggests that if you take additional calcium without Vitamin D, you increase your risk of having a heart attack. In older people, additional calcium certainly reduces the risk of having a fractured hip or wrist, so if you are going to take it, make sure there is Vitamin D in the supplement also.
Sticking on vitamins: taking additional vitamin E might increase your risk of prostate cancer by up to 17%.



hi bill,

it’s always good to read info like this, particularly as i’m thundering towards menopause, eep! i recently tried taking vitamin D tablets but they caused stomach cramps, when i checked online, i found that this can be a sign of vit D overdose and in extremes can cause liver failure. thanks for your post, though, as it’s reminded me that i really should be thinking of ways to get plenty of calcium, i’ll have to think of other ways to increase vit D ‘naturally’. the possible link between vit E and prostate cancer is a really important message for all the guys too. i won’t be adding any supplements to my daily ‘smarties’ handful of prescription meds, without reading up on them first.

wendy x

Ive got osteoporosis so need extra calcium because Im trying to increase my blood volume of vit.d3 with supplements as I was on the low edge of normal.

Calcium supplements can cause lots of tummy problems, gas, bloating and I read up about hardening of the arteries, probably meaning heart problems so consultant advised me to drink a pint of milk per day instead of the supplements, so Im taking his advice.

Thanks for the advice.