Vision question

Hello, I had a strange short lived episode involving my sight a couple of months back and I just brushed it off as just one of those things. I didn’t mention it yesterday at my appointment but I did say I had a cloudy patch in my left eye in 2006 for a short while. When he checked my eyes, he asked me to look at a small red plastic thingy and it looked paler with one eye and a deeper red in the other. Today, whilst I was typing a paragraph, all of a sudden the left hand side of the text looked very pale compared to the right. Almost as if I had put the right hand side text in bold. Ooh it’s happening again now, not down the middle just a couple of lines look darker and the rest is really pale. Could this be a neurological symptom? I am trying to go with the ‘its a problem with your pad screen’ etc. Thanks in advance. Sam x

Pale red is often a sign of optic neuritis so it would be sensible to ask your GP for a referral to an ophthalmologist, especially given these new symptoms. The bold lines thing might be an ipad issue, but not the red thing, sorry! Best to get it checked out.

Karen x

Thank you Karen. Sam x