Vision - Multiple ghost images

Driving home in the dark last night I suddenly saw a string of 5 or 6 regularly spaced bright red numbers in a line a bit like the data a pilot wearing a head-up display might see superimposed on his vision. Very distracting. I soon realised that they must be ghost images of pricing information from a brightly lit petrol station garage sign ahead in the distance. All the images lay in a line to the right of it. I tried blinking a few times but they woudnt go until I drove past the garage. Rest of journey was uneventful except for one brief moment when I saw a long closely packed line of small stary orange lights all close together way in the distance. I was unable to figure out the source as this was so brief. Not diagnosed. Wondering if it might be due to dry eyes or incipient catarract or something else. I have had vertical ghosting in the past, but only a single ghost image.

I have exactly that too, Jen. Like a bird flying past in my peripheral but really it’s not there.

Thanks guy but I think that is a different phenomenon as this one was not in peripheral vision and endured for some time and clearly identifiable as numbers rather than an impressionof something.