Vibrations and sight

I’m still waiting for my neurologist appointment (18 weeks waiting list) but the vibrations are driving me mad. Strangely they are more noticeable when I try to relax but they seem to be mainly head and upper body although times I just vibrate all over. I would be interested to hear others experience of this. Also I had optic neuritis about 14 years ago when ms first was mentioned (many other symptoms) but got the all clear. Recently I’ve experienced the floor appearing to move if I stare at it and from time to time lines on the PC look skewed. I’ve been to the optician who said everything looked fine. Again I’d be interested in others experiences. Like everyone the fatigue is debilitating and to coin the phrase ‘I’m sick and tired of being tired’. Thank you for reading and apologies for the waffle.


I can’t contribute much, but I didn’t want you to think everyone was ignoring you.

I think I had a bout of ON back around 2007, but it’s not really something that they look at here in the US. The ophthalmologist told me that my eyes and vision were fine, and then he turned and walked away. I had a lot of double vision back then and terrifying head rushes.

Since then, there have been intermittent episodes when I walk at a slant. Like, I’ll head from Point A to Point B, but I veer off to the left. I have to stop, physically turn my body, and head for an area that’s to the right of where I need to go. This is the only time in my life that I’ve had to use any form of geometry!

Fortunately, I don’t get vibrations very often, and yes, they drive me nuts.