VI nerve palsy

Has anyone had a MS VI nerve palsy before? I had it last year and it caused me hypervigilence, hyperacusis and phonophobia (anxiety of anticipating a sound). Its to do with the lesion location being in the brain stem.

Was my first symptom and first two relapses. Had to have surgery on both occasions to get rid of the double vision it caused as I didn’t fully recover from both relapses.

From my experience it was a horrible MS symptom and I don’t see why neurologists treat it as non-urgent. I was relapse onset with it and it was my first symptom. All I knew at the time was that I had double vision and didn’t know then it was MS. Mine was triggered by an ear infection was yours?

I had to wait to get my first MRI scan and the neurology registrar talked about waiting up to two weeks for the MRI scan. I am due to see my neuro soon and will mention this to them as I think it should be a symptom that’s treated promptly.