Very Worried About MS

Ok so this may be long but this is something that is constantly making me nervous. I am not sure if it is my nerves or my muscles.

So this the doctor says i have tendentious in both of my elbows because i get a shooting pain from my elbow to my pinky and then i also get it on the other side up to my thumb. I get this in both elbows and it seems to be getting worse and the feeling is a shooting electric shock feeling type pain. I get this same pain starting in my center chest and shooting outward. feeling like an electric shock. I get this same pain in my bisecpts if i scwezz them very tright. This shocking feeling sometimes radiates up my forrms and up my tracept. Note that non of these happen randomly but only when i do certain movments such and push ups or curels. I get the feeling in my chest if i breathe out to hard or couch or laugh. I only get these feelings in my upper body.

I went to the doctors for it and had all my blood work and everything done and everything came back normal. They said that this pain because of muscle inflammation. I was told to take alive which is an anti-inflamitory so i took if for around 3 or 4 days streight and it acutally really help. So im wondering if it is muscular becuase Alive could not help nerve symptoms right??? I am hoping it is muscular and am wondering if it could also have something to do with the inflamed musles either pushing on or iritating my nerves. The pain is the worst when I am doing sternious phiysical activity and is the aposlute worst when i am hung over and dehydrated. it is really bad at those points.

I am thinking that it is good that the Alive helps with these feeling but i am still curious becuase it has never been this bad. Please someone give me there opinion on weather it is nerological or muscular. I have extreamly bad health anxiety is this is affecting me becuase I feel like it is MS or ALS. Someone Please help!

Hi there, If it is tendinitis the inflammation around the tendon in the elbow could be impinging on the nerve…imagine when you bang your elbow and hit the funny bone. What you describe sounds the same. I think whilst the inflammation subsides, I would hold off putting pressure on it with push us etc and concentrate on exercises that won’t irritate the tendons. I wouldn’t put it down to ms or Als just yet, but if you start with other symtoms maybe return to your gp