Very uptight

I am waiting for my test results to come back. Although I have been suffering for 7 years I am now feeling very frightened. Frightened of what if it all comes back clear… then what do I do. Frightened what if it comes back as MS… at the moment the later makes me feel at least I know. Since my LP last week all I want to do is be at home with my thoughts and resting my body. I am quite emotional also. Will this pass the feeling of limbo?


Being emotional and uptight is completely rational. It is massively difficult to manage our response and resources whilst we don’t know what we are dealing with. As someone who has faced the uncertainty and potential terrors, I would say that Yes it will pass. In my opinion (no one else can know how you actually feel) you should concentrate on what you do know (how you feel) and try to build your support network of family / friends and professionals. This way if something new hits you there will be people to whom you can talk and not face this stuff all alone.

Good luck


Thank you Mick. Not having a great day today. There is always tomorrow.

Ahh Kim. It’s such a crappy grim time being in limbo. Knowing that your body is being a bitch but not having the answers as to why. I completely sympathise with your position as I am there myself. What tests have you had done so far? Waiting for results sucks. The weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and if your like me, you play possible scenarios over and over in your head. I also understand the feeling that if your at least told its MS then you have something to work with. However: whilst your in limbo, there is hope. What have your neurologists said up to this point with regards to which way they are leaning?

i really hope your results come back soon!!

Hi Cherry Tree, I have had a brain MRI which showed white Lesions. Neurologist testing also. He thinks he saw a pale optic disc, also some of his tests were a bit slow in response. I had my Lumbar Puncture last Thursday. I also have Lyme Disease so that is being tested also to see if it is dormant. I have a pain now in my right eye stabbing and feels bruised. When I get up in the dark to do a pee that eye has bright flickering lights. Thanks for answering I am having a rough day today Xxxx