Very speedy PIP application & decision

Hi all, I am new to the site but had my diag 14 years ago for RRMS.

I recently got an invite to move from my 5year DLA award to PIP. I had been dreading the day but I am astonished at how quickly my application was processed. I have been quite paranoid about it all to be honest, after reading all the posts about people waiting forever for assessments and decisions etc, this is my experience.

Filled in form with CAB on 9th July

Got a letter on 17th July with appt for home assessment with Atos on 21st July.

Assessment lasted 30 mins with a really nice, understanding guy.

Got brown envelope on 18th August with decision (successful I might add)

That’s 6 weeks, I guess they are speeding up with the whole process or I might have got lucky and it may be a bit of a postcode lottery as to how fast they get through the applications in certain areas.

I guess the message to all is don’t give up, and don’t withhold applying because it’s going to take a long time. Get some help filling in the form too.

To satisfy my curiosity, is it just me or has anyone else’s application been processed so quickly.



That is good to hear.