very confused

had M R I scan on the 17th december went back to the doc as i not heard a word got some results i have somthing going on in c4/c5 looks like spondylosis (doctors writting not very clear) have horrendous headaches still have a jumping nerve in my hand which has now spread to my index finger have silver lights in my eyes when i lie down at night this happens when i turn over in bed sit up still feel so tired no real apertite have a quiver down my left leg and feel like i am standing on somthing that is vibrating balance is not to good then i have the sweats i have been through the change so thought i had seen the back of all that side of life memory is shot really struggling now

The consultant wants me to record the nerve in my hand so he can proceed with an E M G no idea what that is Dr at my surgery said i need to email his secetary to update her on my symptons so she can pass it on to the consultant .

In the letter she printed off for me (as i was not included in this correspondence) he said examining her chvostek’s sign was probably negative i could not convince my self of tetany the cranial nerve examination was normal. In the limbs no spasm was seen today this occured in the context of normal tone powe flexes coordination and sensorium with down going plantars her gait is antalgic (please can someone explain this to me as the doctor said go look on the internet)

feel in limbo stressed tired and fed up as i am a carerthe extra stress is unbearable sorry to be a pain no where else to turn


Hi Mrs Badger 2, It is so horrible to be left in limbo… My heart goes out to you. I have only just had clear communication from the professionals myself so understand the limbo (and discomfort). I really hope you get some answers and relief from the symptoms soon . Xx Dee

I had to look up Chvostek’s sign as I’d never heard of it before - it’s a test for low calcium. So it appears that your symptoms are not to do with that.

The rest of the exam sounds normal, except for the gait. An antalgic gait is when someone tries to not stand for long on their feet because it hurts. So the “swing” part of the walk takes up an abnormally large proportion of the walk compared to the “stance” part.

This is probably a daft idea, but have you had your blood pressure tested properly? Those silver lights sound very familiar to me and mine are caused by low bp.

Let’s hope the EMG gets you some answers.

Karen x

Thanks to both of you feel a little better no date for the E M G as yet so waiting for this now