Vertigo and toilet trouble!

Hi guys new member here just awaiting an mri due to vertigo numbness and babinski Sign. Symptoms have been going on for well over a year so I’m worried it’s going to be something. Anyway I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced a thing where you feel like you drop for a split second along with vertigo. I usually find it’s worse after going to the toilet. I know about the vagus nerve but I don’t get clammy or sweat like I’m going to pass out. It’s almost as if I blackout literally for a split second and my body feels like it drops ever so quickly… Kind of like when you are descending in a plane. Its an awful feeling! Just wondered if you guys get this in relation to ms or if you’ve got knowledge of it thanks :slight_smile:

hi ben

i get that dropping feeling when my blood pressure drops.

just saying so that you can get it checked.

Hello Ben, I have an appointment with the ent clinic. I have vertigo and I have tried to explain this drop feeling. Mine happens even if I am laying down. It is currently very bad, which for me means that I am dizzy all of the time and I drop at least once every twenty minutes. It is as though I lose a second and jump through time? I think that I might be pseudo Relapsing? I have to speak with my MS nurse. I will let you know what happens at the ent clinic. Best wishes Ali

Yeah my doctor thought it may be blood pressure rated… I’m currently on medication for high blood pressure and I used to get it before and my blood pressure was very high… It does seem to be a lot worse after I’ve been to the toilet… If it’s nerve related then maybe the vagus is getting incorrect messages but I don’t know anything yet until I have my mri

Ali I’m so glad someone gets it! It’s the worse feeling I’ve ever felt. I mostly feel like i’m on a boat which could just be vertigo but that dropping thing is so bloody awful and I totally get the missing a second… Its so bad. It can’t be a blackout though can it? I don’t get any syncope symptoms and I’ve fainted a fair few times in my life. It worries me so much and I’m still awaiting my mri… I suspect something like MS but I have no idea at this stage. Just want to know why I’ve felt so bad for so long.

Dear Ben, hopefully you will get your mri and your answers soon. Rest is the best treatment and definitely no stress so try not to worry about ms, your symptoms could be something much calmer than ms. A good dvd, good company and a good thick blanket could be the best treatment for now.

Thankyou x