Vertigo and Scooters

Hi everybody hope we are all at least bearing up!!!

I havent been on here for ages but really need to get some advice from anyone who may have encountered similar circumstances.

I have been using a scooter for about 3 years now but am experiencing rather alot of uneasiness going up the slightest of gradient at the moment. It feels to me like I am not at all safe and that both me and the scooter are going to topple backwards.

The scooter I have is an 8mph one so not the smallest and until recently I always felt confident on it. Has anybody else had a similar experience and if you have, please let me know if you managed to find a way round it!

Thank you!!!


Hello Sarah,I must admit that I haven’t experienced anything like you say,but the following springs(megalol) to mind.The scooter won’t have changed apart from the tyre pressures, and ‘something’ working loose,so your perception has.Have you changed any drugs or their dosages recently, or are you having to attempt different routes on the Buggy,'praps 'cos of road/pavement works?

I reckon that you don’t need to be stressing your self unduly so maybe try and avoid inclines if at all possible,but I know this is easier said than done.

Best wishes,

Wb x

Thanks for coming back to me Woblyboy! It is definitely MS induced rather than the scooter - the scooter would be SOOOO much easier to sort!

I try to avoid inclines as much as possible but there is a slight hill on the way into town that is unavoidable and it frightens the life out of me! If I were to go the other way its even worse so I am snookered. Think my best option is to contact hospital and get them to give me tablets to alleviate it/advise on my tablets as is.

Thanks again!



Like WoblyBoy, l too use a ‘big’ scooter - Tramper - lt can’t topple over - it has a comfy seat with armrests. And there is a safety seat-belt l could use - but never have. l also have a small scooter that folds up to put in the car - now that is nothing like as safe and sturdy - no armrests - three little wheels.

lf you have vertigo - it would manifest itself in other ways - standing - lying down - showering. And there are meds for this and if you google vertigo there are different exercises/physio that can help.

Could you get someone to walk alongside you - see if it makes you feel more confident. You do not want to lose the independence -scootering gives you. lf you have a shopmobility centre near you - you could go and try one of their scooters - see if you feel more secure on it. Don’t give up. You would be shocked at what l get up to on mine - up steep banks - over stubble fields -through flooded roads/fords- through ice and snow as well. My daughter says she is going to put me on youtube - lt would be my five minutes of fame.

Hope you solve the problem


i started having a similar problem, but it turned out to be my ms, nothing at all to do with the scooter, when i started having problems,when i was on the scooter it felt like i was falling to one side, all the time, and i was leaning right over to try and stop the feeling, only it didnt, i since found out i was starting in a massive relapse,i cant go out on the scooter,because i cant get out of bed,due to severe symptoms,i am so annoyed because i have only used it 6 times.and cant see me getting any better so i wasted £600.i had to stop walking due to the ms, so i learnt to drive, i had to give up driving due to the ms, and now i have run out of options,ms sucks it really does.

Hi Jaki,I hope today is the start of your better days.Don’t give up on getting out,as I have just bought a powerchair,that can get around my tiny flat and cope with the ‘rally stage’ pavements around here.At present I’m only using it at night in here,but can easily whizz around Sainos to get the essentials…Fags and Wine gums.This is a three mile round trip,but even in the cold ‘Davros’ would manage 10 miles.I couldn’t.

Davros is a Shoprider Malaga and is brand unused second hand and only needs my right hand and some awareness.I haven’t bothered to try and tip it over,there’s no point 'cos it would be virtually impossible unless I went down a 5-6 inch kerb at a silly angle and tried to stand on the foot plate as it went off the edge.I’m not that desperate to be on Your Tube.

I hope things improve for you,and remember it is getting lighter by two minutes a day,


So sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten - at the moment - jaki. Especially as to-day is bright and sunny - well it is here in Warwickshire. Just been round to my mums to do her hair. Cut and blow-dry. She is a sprightly 89. l go on my scooter as l can get right up to her front-door. She usually gets to open the door before l even ring the bell. She said she hoped to look 5yrs younger - then after l had finished she said she was 10yrs younger - l told her l would put the ‘price’ up!!

Hope you are getting lots of attention - get all the help you need.


Thanks for all your comments, I have a hospital appointment coming up so this will be very high on my agenda as you can imagine!

Apologies for not thanking you all earlier but cog fog got the better of me and I was putting in a user name from a completely unrelated website.I’d love to blame it all on the MS but I have always been this ditzy! Lol x

Take care


Hi Wb,thanks for your kind words,you are right the days ARE getting longer,who knows maybe i will be out and about this summer, hope so,my 6 week old baby grandaughter is working magic, on my spirit.i can even get up for an hour or so.

jaki xx