Vertigo and Problems With Legs.

Hi to all, I have Been to Docs with Vertigo Room Spinning he has put me on Proclpeazine 3 x per day ok it also happens exercising too like when getting off tredmill. I also keep walking into door handles worktop walked into worktop this morning nearly torn my coat pocket on worktop edge. And also when i try to walk it s like my leg is not on my body like its not attached to me so i have no control over its movement at all. Also having bowel probs too could all this be connected if so how Could someone explain please. If i still have vertigo in 2 weeks need to go bk but why. Dolphin500.

Hi Dolphin,

Are you having a relapse, by any chance? If you have several unusual problems all at once, it tends to suggest a relapse.

The leg problems and bowel problems are almost certainly connected, and could suggest a spinal cord lesion.

The vertigo is more likely a brain lesion.

Lesions are the defining characteristic of the disease, so pretty much everyone has some new ones, sometimes. Although it’s never good news, it goes with the territory.

I guess the doctor just wants to review how you’re doing in two weeks, to check if the medication is helping. If not, they may try something different.

I have permanently poor balance, or poor spatial judgement, or both. I’m covered in bruises from bashing into things that turned out to be closer than I thought, or I had a last minute wobble whilst passing them.

I often feel like one of those people who’s trying to hide they’ve been a victim of domestic violence, by saying they walked into a door! Except, in my case, I really have walked into the damn door, or something else that was more solid than I am.


I have it too, I am progressive was put on same med but it didn’t help had it over 2 weeks, my balance is even worse then before but none of my meds helping so he’s writing to neuro about it, didn’t expect it to last this long but I hope it goes soon.

not sure what else to say sorry.

Hi Dolphin 500,

Just to add to the other replies, you may be lucky with regards Vertigo just like I was and get referred to neuro- physio to do a series of head exercises ( Cawthorn Cooksey Exercises for Vertigo). It may take a number of months but in my case it eradicated it completely- the theory being is that it trains other neural or nerve pathways to take over from the damaged ones.

It did return with me in 2011 though, however that wasn’t caused by MS but an inner ear infection yet the treatment was the same and again it worked.

Whenever I suspect it may be returning then it’s simple enough to put right within a week or so by restarting the head exercises.

Regarding the lack of spatial awareness, that too can be helped but not only with these simple exercises but core stability exercises (i.e. on your torso) - again as advised and demonstrated by a neuro- physio.

Whilst I understand and agree that Vertigo really is the pits, there’s definitely a way out of it so ask your Neurologist or MS Team about this.


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