vertigo and chromamytosisis

hello everyone,

my spelling may be miles out,but is anyone suffering vertigo and chromytosis,i was wondering if maybe i should go back and see neruo,i am having some really odd dizzy spells too,my gp says i may not be able to drive,does anyone know,is it another nocth,possiable linking the ms symptoms together,i feel very tired,and walking is getting more difficult,thankyou for any views. love boz xxxps good to be back with like minded buddies xx

Hi boz :slight_smile: A lot of us get vertigo, but I doubt chromatosis is common assuming you are talking about excess pigmentation? Karen x

Half my post vanished! Oops! Travel sickness and anti-histamine pills can sometimes help with vertigo. Your GP might prescribe something too if you ask. If your symptoms are worse and the vertigo is new, then it may well be worth seeing the neuro again. Kx

hello Karen,

Thankyou for your help,iam hoping to write to him,he lives and the hospitis out of my area,in the next county,thankyou too with advice with vertigo,he doesn’t know,or an incidental finding on my spinal mri is tethered spine,no sure with that.the in y chest,y ly lung,i hada chest exray,thr sent for a pet scan,tey give antiboiticw hen i amu nwel.oops! sorry,mykeys dn’t always work.i had a rest after my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer over christmas,so tough,love her, love boz xx