VEP Test results

Hi. I had a VEP test in March and have waited for the results since then, just received a letter that stares borderline interhemispheric asymmetry. Does anyone please know what this means? I have waited for any results since my MRI in January and this is the first I have received all the while feeling pretty rubbish. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you. :slight_smile:

hi kel

ask your GP what it means, as a medic he/she should be able to translate for you.

that is way too long to wait for MRI results by the way.

ask your gp to chase them up for you.

carole x

Kel, I agree with Carol, you need to speak to your GP and try to get things moving a bit.

Surely the MRI result should be in by now.

Best of luck


Hi Kel

Were you referred by your GP to a neurologist who then ordered the MRI and VEP tests? If so, then you really need to chase up results from him/her or the neurologist’s secretary.

If however, it was your GP who ordered the tests, you now really need to be referred to a neurologist for them to look at the results from the tests and determine either what it means, or to order further tests if needed.

Only a neurologist can diagnose MS. So while seeing your GP should enable things to be moved on a bit, essentially you still need to see a neuro.

But certainly, Carole is right, January till now is way too long to wait for results from an MRI. When you have an MRI, essentially the images are created on the spot. They then need to be examined by a neurologist who will then report back to you and your GP as to what they do or do not show.


Pretty sure it means that there is a small difference in the VEP test results of one eye compared to the other. Being borderline means the difference is on the threshold between being too small to consider it an indication of anything unusual or abnormal, whereas if it was slightly bigger, then possibly an indication.