Vasovagal episodes

Hi, I’m new to the Forums.

I have been we think, suffering with Vasovagal Episodes. I have a fast heart rate and leaky Mitral and Aortic valves. I was dx with RR/MS in 2004 too.

I had one of these episodes last night, I don’t completely faint, but I stay at the ‘almost’ fainting stage an awful long time. It’s awful. I feel so poorly then. The only thing I can do then is sleep.

I’ve had all the heart monitor tests and ECGs and next Monday 20th October I’m having an injectable Loop Monitor fitted. Not sure I’m looking forward to that!

Anyway, does anyone else have Vasovagal episodes?

Alison x

Hi Alison

Firstly Welcome to the forum.

I have them.there are no words to describe just how you feel when your having one,i had one last night, it was 2 years ago i had one, mine start off with the most awful pains in my bowel …last night i thought i was going to die i felt that bad, i have to wet a towel in cold water and put it on my body as the sweat just pours from me,when it went,i then fell into a deep sleep,like i say no words to describe how bad they are,i have been told drinking a cold glass of water helps,dont know if its true.

J x

Hello Alison

My daughter, who is in her 30s has vasovagal episodes but luckily not often. Last time it happened for her, she was out with her then partner and ended up being admitted to hospital. Her problem and mine too is that our blood pressure tends to be on the low side…my mum was the same. I’ve never experienced one myself.

For the sufferer and the observer it’s quite frightening and can even be mistaken for a cardiac arrest. I hope the treatment you’re due to have helps things for you.

Welcome to the forum

Noreen x

Thanks for the kind welcome.

When I’m having my ‘episodes’ I get a pain across both shoulders, I’m heavy, my legs can’t carry me and I feel like I could fall. I’m sweating, pale and I can’t get the right words out of my mouth To an onlooker I’m having a stroke. It really is distressing. I’m 3 days past the event now and I’m so tired.

Alison x

Hello Alison. How are you feeling today? Perhaps it’s the MS that’s adding to the feelings of tiredness but considering the heart problems you have I’ m not suprised you feel so tired. ((((((Hugs))))))