Varying degrees

I seem to be going through varying symptoms of leg weakness at the moment, and for the last three or four years. These range from invisible ms with no outward symptoms to quite an obvious degree of left leg weakness and general co-ordination, prompting questions here and there from those who don’t know me.

My left side took quite a beating when my last major relapse occurred but I still get by usually with nothing untoward happening and no-one taking any interest or notice. I was on a date last Saturday and she asked me about my sudden limp. So uncharacteristically I told her. I could sense a change in dynamic as we said goodbye.

There phone was silent on Sunday, and has remained so since then too. I think that’s that.

Shame, it had been more than nice.

That’s a real shame that I think you maybe knew in your heart to tell her the truth?

I believe that corny phrase that there is someone for everyone, but better to meet the one that can love you…and everything connected with you…but also remember that some people have to go away and think something through before they can commit to it.

Big hugs Gillian

Sorry to hear your news, as Gillian has said sometimes it takes a while for people to accept what you have told them, there are others out there where it won’t matter to them. Don’t lose hope.




Dating is hard… There are guys that I thought would handle it really well, and they just didn’t. And other guys, who I thought would run a mile, accepted it and we’re great about it. It is hard to tell how people will handle it and I have learned to not try and guess… Just be honest like you have been in this case and to the right person, it won’t make a blind bit of difference. Hugs.