Vaccine. Blood clots. MS. Low blood platelets.

Since the roll out of the vaccines there is now quite a bit of information coming out about all of the vaccines causing a small percentage of blood clots in some people. There is also talk of it affecting immunosuppressed people and investigations will, I believe, be taking place. Many vulnerable people have had the vaccine but the talk of blood clots is not going away in fact it seems just to be a very unfortunate (understatement) side effect.
My question is: from what you have read and heard what advice would you give someone who has not yet had the vaccine?
Any thoughts anyone?

Would you go on a long haul flight? The chances of getting a blood clot are smaller that long haul flying. No drugs or vaccinations are without risk. You have to weigh the risks and make your decision. COVID is a very nasty beast.


The Barts Blog should put your mind at rest.

“Of these 30 reported cases, seven people have died. The denominator is over 18 million people who have received the vaccine. At the moment the rate of this complication is 1.7 people per million vaccinated and one death for every 2.6M people vaccinated. These estimates are likely to be under-estimates because of a reporting lag, but even if the risk increase by a factor of 2 or 3 they will still be relatively low. This risk needs to be compared to 1 in 1000 chance of dying from COVID-19 if you are aged between 40 and 50 years of age.”
#MSCOVID19 – AstraZenca Vaccine Update – Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog (

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Thank you for your positive information. I really do appreciate it!

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Denmark has just recently instructed all Covid 19 injections to be done by the method of aspirating first. It is how injections into muscles used to be taught and done. Very occasionally the needle may hit a vein and so the injection would go into the bloodstream rather than the muscle. Recent research on animals with some vaccines has shown an increased risk of clotting if it does go into a vein. Aspiration does a draw back first after inserting the needle - if it hits a vein it will show as blood, so they know to take it out and reinsert the needle and get the muscle. Very simple technique, takes an extra second or two. Medics in the know are now asking for this to be standard in the UK too. It seems that some have changed and are now doing it.

John Campbell did a very thorough video about it, for anyone that interested!

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Actually the jury is out on this link.
Take for example Australia has had ONE incidence out of the thousands vaccinated. It is a female around 45ish who has a lot of health issues, one of which is diabetes which is a known contributer of blood clots.

most of the people who have had the rare clot of the brain are around the same age. the point is would they they have had it without the vaccineS, as its in pfizer as well as AZ in actual fact i believe the percentage of having it is higher in Pfizer according to the CDC in USA. millions have been vaccinated and the percentage well you would have more luck winning the lottery.

the point is the deaths from covid far outway risks. there are risks in the flu vaccine too but people just have it.

our death toll has gone right down to about 25 a day and vulnerables are virtually nil now so it must be working.

also i noticed myself that it seems to be mainly women in their forties and fifties which can be onset of menopause and many take HRT, and also the young age group are on the pill, so is that a Link?

my advise to the someone who hasnt had the vaccine would be follow the science but also follow the death figures as we roll out over 33 million vaccine in UK our figures have gone right down. so its worth a risk IF you are active and going out all the time and working.

Point is too if you like holidays a lot of places will insist you have a vaccine before entering. :grinning:

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So basically, all of their trials were done pretty much flawlessly, and it was only when milions of doses had to be administered worldwide on a daily basis by some people that pretty much relied on “Oh, just stick it in and squeaze” process of doing it.

Hmm … I’m getting the idea that we’re the “Beta testers” for the vaccination process (giggles).

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I done first my dose last month but I really scare for second dose
I really don’t know what is the best to do?
I use tecfidera twice a day.

Thank you so much for replying with all your thoughts and opinions. It seems the dangers are low considering the millions of people who have had the vaccine and also all the vaccines, from what I’ve read, seem to have the same blood clotting side effect. I don’t think there is one make of vaccine that is safer than the other. The answer then is have the vaccine so life can start to get back to normal. If afterwards you get any headaches, breathlessness, pain in legs get to A and E asap and give them your MS background.


This concerns the AZ vaccine.

" Adverse reactions reported after the second dose were milder and reported less frequently than after the first dose. Adverse reactions were generally milder and reported less frequently in older adults (65 years and older) than in younger people."
Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting - GOV.UK (

I, like you had concerns about having the vaccine but, after seeing and hearing how bad things could be if I was unfortunate enough to catch the virus, my GP 'phoned me at home to tell me it would be much better for me to have the vaccine than catching Covid. I did have the vaccine. I was immunised with the Astro Zeneca one (the one that allegedly caused the blood clots). The fact my GP had 'phoned me at home was enough to convince me I should. Apart from a slight headache the day after, I was fine. My second dose is scheduled for the beginning of May.


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Jacqueline how great the doctor called you to reassure you. That’s such a good thing to do because it is a big step when you have doubts and concerns. Thank you for the information. You and everyone on this forum are all so kind to get in touch. Judy

My question to myself is would I rather have Covid or the vaccine? The vaccine won.

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Wien I like the logic. It’s quite simple when you put it like that :+1: