Utoffs syndrome question


I was was referred to an ophthalmologist by my optician as I have been getting blurry vision after exercise and showers/baths…also on my holiday to Spain. The optician thought it may be pigment dispersal syndrome, but when I saw the ophthalmologist he told me (after some uncomfortable tests) it 100% wasn’t and he could see nothing wrong with my eyes. He asked about other tests and I mentioned that I was seeing a neurologist and why.

He said that it made sense and told me the only thing he could think it may be was something called Utoffs syndrome. He has made an appt to go back and see him after my neuro appt.

My question is…is this seen only in MS?

Thanks, Tamzin.

Hi again, Tamzin,

No, there is no single symptom that can only ever be MS. If there was, it would be so easy to diagnose!

All Uhthoff’s syndrome means is symptoms getting worse (or sometimes appearing) when you get hot. Although this is quite commonly associated with MS, it’s not one of the diagnostic criteria, and doesn’t make it an open-and-shut case. No neurologist would diagnose purely on the basis that someone has (or may have) Uhthoff’s syndrome.

In days gone by, when there weren’t any other tests, it would have been regarded as more significant than today - but when all you have is a hammer, every problem’s a nail! These days, tests are much more sophisticated than simply asking if you’re worse when you get hot - it wouldn’t be a very reliable route to diagnosis.