UTI samples

I’m sorry if this is not the forum for this kind of thing however, like I’m sure many of you, I get quite a few UTIs.
I’ve recently submitted a sample which came back negative which I was shocked at. I had sterilised the bottle with Milton the night before and then washed the burger ready for use the following day.
I am wondering if anyone might know that by doing this if the bottle wouldn’t be able to detect a UTI.
Again, sorry if this isn’t the place to bring this up.
Thank You

Hi, well I can’t comment on whether the bottle was ok for a sample, but what I do know is, my surgery won’t accept a sample unless it’s in one of the sample bottle’s, so maybe ask for one from your surgery and re-do the sample.


Thank you for your reply. I was trying to be ahead of the game turning with a sample. I can’t use the ridiculous, small necked sample bottles. They weren’t made for women that’s for sure.

Thanks Jean, I’ll try again with a sample bottle this time.

Hi taskmateracb, Now yes I’m a woman, but I can understand where you’re coming from, because I have to self catheter, so I would say urinate more like a man, through a small channel, so I basically put a jug down the loo and pee into that, just a thought , good luck,