“Using suitable aids, you are not unable or virtually unable to walk."

“Using suitable aids, you are not unable or virtually unable to walk."

Any ideas on how to approach this one? I guess they think a walking aid will miraculously turn me into mean lean walking machine!

Hi again, as in previous reply, I strongly recommend ‘benefits and work’ website as they will guide you through the questions… telling you the best way to answer each one, so that you use words that properly explain your condition.

Pat x

Hi, I’m guessing that you were turned down for dla mobility because they think that you can walk well enough with a walking aid to not qualify, so you need to explain what you can do with a walking aid. For me a push along walker means that I can get about the office, well to and from the toilet and car park on my own anyway, and I wouldn’t manage that without my push along walker. My colleagues don’t shadow me but if I disappear for longer than they think a toilet visit takes they come and make sure i am ok, it’s usually just cos I’ve met someone there and am having a chat. They also make sure I have reached my car ok and got into it ok when I leave for home. They never just say bye when I leave (I work part time), so I guess I would need to put things like that on the form. I’m still virtually unable to walk even with my push along walker. Btw the car park and toilets are less than 10m away from my desk so I would specify this. Most people on here seem to suggest putting a lot of information on the form, it is a long time since I filed in the forms but I was very brief myself. I ramble on in a lot of detail on most occasions but on all forms I am always brief. So I guess you have to show them how you are unable to walk, specify time and distance too. Others will have better advise though. Cheryl:-)