Using anabolic steroids and GH with MS

Hi all,

please delete is this is not allowed, I have been diagnosed with ppMS about 3/4 weeks ago and have already tried the 5days steroids course of the neurologist but feel like if didn’t help at all and only got the side effects of it, I know it’s still early and I have to try different meds to know what’s best for me but I have been doing a lot of research about using grouchy hormones and anabolic steroids just to help strengthen the body and help grow muscles not to get anything fancy or start body building competitions (lol) just to get a better quality of life as my symptoms are getting worse and feel like it could take for ever to get the right meds of the doctor to help me.

has anyone used or know anyone with MS that used anabolic steroids or growth hormone or anyone has any info of what’s best to take and if it helped at all please

thank you