Using a FES in the big wide world

I’ve been lucky to be given a FES to help with my drop foot. I can use it indoors with no problems but find that using it outdoors makes me feel so vulnerable. I’ve been used to being protected by a walker or having the protection of a car. I realise that it is something I’ll have to get used to but wonder how other users have coped with theirs.

It sounds like you just need to work on a bit of confidence. Try short walks on a route you are very familiar with, perhaps a park with plenty of benches, and build up slowly.

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Just remember to take your time. I’m usually OK but anywhere with a non-slip floor, ironically, causes problems. Once you get used to it it’s a great thing, especially as your muscles are being moved the way that they’re supposed to.

Good luck!

Becky x

lots of slow cautious repitition sounds like an idea. Good luck PS Iam as confident or unconfident with my FES outside as well as in. Mick