Use for Desmopressin??

I came across a reference to someone using this medication (in nasal spray form) to prevent bladder issues on a long flight; apparently it temporarily suppresses urine production. They might have been using it without medical approval though so I wondered if it could be legit. I can imagine a variety of other situations where something like this would be very useful to a lot of people, so I presume there must be some big drawbacks - clearly one being not to use in situations where drinking is involved as the body would end up ‘waterlogged’ and I assume alcohol would remain longer in the blood, both of which could of course be fatal. Anybody used it inthis way with medical approval?

I’ve had it prescribed for me for use on long flights etc. I’ve had mixed success with it though. On one flight (4 hours) it worked well, but on the return journey it didn’t seem to work at all until I was home when I then didn’t go for hours! This summer I’ve used it on long drives again with mixed success. My MS nurse has suggested I ask my GP for a mouth spray rather than tablets as it works faster. I’ll keep experimenting with it but thus far it’s not been reliable enough.

Me too. Remember to ask for an isle seat too!