urology referral time

Hi. I haven’t posted for a while but I have been reading posts over the last few weeks as things haven’t been great lately.

My Neuro referred me to continence nurse in March. Following a nasty UTI and pseudo relapse (mid July) and 4 courses of antibiotics later i was referred to Urology. I was really ill at the weekend and had to attend out of hours doctor who confirmed another UTI. As if I wasn’t feeling bad enough I received a letter today advising that due to unforeseen circumstances my much awaited appointment for mid October has been cancelled and rescheduled for mid November.

Is this the normal? Has anyone else had to wait this long to see an urologist?

GP is unhelpful.

P.S. Can’t sleep as I need to P’

Carol Anne

Hi Carol, poor you…I understand bladder problems.

Do you have a catheter? Some years ago I had an in-dwelling catheter. It was put in due to my mobility being so crap and accidents before getting on a loo.

Hated the chuffin` thing. So uncomfortable and had it out 5 months later. I just wore pads and battled on.

2 years ago, I had a supra pubic catheter fitted. This was because i suffered from severe retention, urgency and a persistent uti for 6 months!

Now this catheter is soooo much better! Comfortable to wear, more reliable and NO utis at all! It has to be changed every 5 weeks as it clogs, but this is the best solution for me, as I have zilch mobility now.

Sorry to hear you have wait longer for your referral appointment.