urinary problems

hi all

i have clinical isolated syndrom as only found 1 lesion on c5 spine

just lately i have been having problems with no sign of needing to urinate but all of a suddeen i feel as though im bursting to go, only to go and think that its going to rush out you but just seems to go at slower speed,

then im getting woke up through the night with needing to pee but when i go i cant seem to go and have to sit there for a good while trying to make myself go even forcing my body to make me go as i know that i wont get bk to sleep as the feeling is there that i need to go

can this be another lesion somewhere else and do you think i can ask for another mri as i feel my body has got worse again after last symptoms left me

thanks lucy

Hi Lucy You need to get a referral to a urologist for this as there are all sorts of meds that can help bladder problems and several ways that you can be helped by continence nurses. It is such a horrible symptom. Do not suffer without getting help. Please see your GP and get sorted. Hth, Teresa xx

The first thing I think you should probably do is make sure that you don’t have a UTI (urinary tract infection) as this can cause havoc. If you have, then a course of antibiotics should clear things up for you. If you haven’t, then you should probably speak to your GP about a referral back to the neuro as well as a referral to a continence clinic.

Fingers crossed for the UTI - unpleasant, but easier to fix!

Karen x

thanks teresa and karen

ive suffered for years with UTIs and know how they feel ended up that i got scan on kidneys and found i had a double kidney on left side but these new signs ive been getting are completly dif from my UTIs this is something different i have antibiotics on standby if i get any UTIs these new signs seem to be that my body just does not want to work right , confused.com

lucy xx