Urghhh! Who else has done this?

I have an awful habit of nodding off sitting on the sofa or in my chair. This afternoon was no exception, apart from the fact I was holding a glass of water. Just finished taking my tablets and stupidly forgot to put it down. Had to sit in wet clothes for 30 minutes because my legs had locked up and I couldn’t move. Not my first time doing this and surely won’t be the last.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Hi Donna

Yes, I do this almost daily but not with water, I do it with boiling hot tea!

So I have to leap (as if) up and hold my pj bottoms away from my skin!

I have accepted the fact that I’m a clumsy arse.

Also hot milk (milky coffee) burns as much as tea.

I can beat you both! I fall asleep sitting on the toilet regularly, or more precisely I fall back to sleep, I also do it sitting on my bed with my feet on the floor falling back to sleep for up to 20 minutes unless my head nods forward and wakes me up.

does anyone else have the sensation of falling off a low curb just as they are falling asleep?

I’ve done this for years, before and after being diagnosed with ms.

I do that Catwoman! I just thought I was odd…

thank you Nora’sMom

you are the first person to have admitted to this (being odd!)

never alone with weird sensations on this forum.

Carole x