Updates on my appeal

Hello I hope everyone is ok as can be x

I spoke to someone dealing with my appeal and I have been waiting since March 2012! They said the reason I am still waiting is coz my area has the longest wait in the country… how lucky is that?

There’s a long wait, and there’s a p**s take. Sorry you’re having to deal with such numpties x

If you owed them money it wouldn’t be taking so long

Nope they owe me money

Oh dear I read the last post wrong, sorry about that ignore my last post :frowning:

Where the chuff do you live? Rediculous reason for delay…there cant be that many on their list.

Hope your memory jog has jogged them into action…only if the result is the right one, of course!


I live in the Midlands, yes I wish it would jog their memory but it seems theirs are worse then mine with MS!