Hi, just to update you, I had brain MRI a few weeks ago due to vomiting headaches, also blurry vision and vertigo, I got appointment with neurologist after my scan showed abnormal t2 flair, with lots of lesions , highly suggestive of demyelination. I went to neurologist and she sent me for cervical spine which showed no lesions on the cord but showed the lesions again in the brainstem and left cerebellar, I also had 3 bulging discs and spondolsis , and several other degenerative disc disease, I also had lumber puncture done yesterday, which was ok as she put me to sleep, I feel ok but very stiff and sore,

i asked her what her thoughts were she said brain MRI highly suggestive of ms, but she just didn’t know as I was complicated because I have psoriatic arthritis since 2011 and have been on a lot of immunosuppressants , which I am off at the moment until I get a difinitve diagnosis, I am in a lot of pain, I suffer with chronic fatigue, I have low vit d, I know when I have bloods done, I always have high esr, crp, and other inflammatory markers, I also had a low positive ana test a few years ago, I am totally upset and confused, has anyone any thoughts please,

hi Sj47

to look on the bright side, it may not be ms as other things mimic these symptoms.

if it is ms, you won’t be stuck in limbo any more.

you should be offered a DMD and allocated an ms nurse.

you should also be prescribed a high dose of Vit D3.

carole x

Well just to update you, I was diagnosed Tuesday just past,

i have started tecfidera which hopefully will be useful for both ms and my psoriatic artheritis

don’t know how I feel yet, I’m still trying to process everything, x


I suspect that regardless of how certain you are beforehand, getting a definite diagnosis is still a bit of a shock to the system.

And I’m also sure that there’s a little bit of you that is relieved to get the result as well as a huge part that’s now frightened about the future.

I’m glad you’ve started on Tecfidera so quickly, and hopefully it will help the psoriatic arthritis too.

I suggest that you take the time you need to absorb the diagnosis. Keep coming on the forum, ask any questions you have, there’s bound to be someone who can help, or at least sympathise.