Update on DIAL

I took my ESA WCA form to DIAL yesterday and a lady filled in in for me. What a brilliant service! Thoroughly recommend them!

What she put down didn’t seem true but there wasn’t a word of a lie. It WAS all true…she just knew how to do it. Then she told me she was DWP before and KNEW how to do it! Brilliant!

If it gets rejected or I get called for an assessment she will help with that too.

She made me laugh telling me about the WCA assessors competence. She said she accompanied a Downes Syndrome woman to an assessment and the assessor asked her ‘when did you catch Downes?’…

Another one was an assessor asked a man with motor neurone how long before he recovers?..

She thought they were a joke!

That’s fabulous Florence. Fingers crossed all will now be fine.

That’s why it always pays to get help. From wherever and whoever you can, so long as they know what they are doing!!


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The incidents you quote re the person with Downs and the one with MND are an absolute disgrace! Why are these idiot assessors allowed to continue?


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That does not suprise me at all,they are such idiots, and WE have to prove ourselves to these idiots

Stop the world i wanna ger off,springs to

I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting one of them…