Unusual symptoms


Hope everyone is fine and cooping well!

I am not yet diagnosed but having my neurologist appointment soon. Meanwhile, I was wondering what were the strangest symptoms that you have experienced.
I will start with mine, but they might not be MS :thinking:.
Few years ago, during the winter months I have noticed that 1 or 2 of my fingers are getting white, without blood circulation and after 20 to 30 minutes I was start getting pins and needles in them. This keeps repeating every year now usually during winter months. I gone to my GP but he said nothing to worry about.
I am also having breast discharge, which is not cancer as I was checked by breast surgery.
I have very easily bruised, just a small bump and I will have black bruise for weeks.
Last but not least, I have eyelid tingling.

All these are the symptoms that I found unusual. Of course I have most of the usual, as tingling in the legs at the end of the day when resting, headache, optic neuritis, dizziness, muscle spasms.

Will be interested to read about any unusual symptoms!


Hi, I don’t know about your unusual symptoms, I don’t think they’d be MS related but the best person to ask is your neurologist. You might also want to read about hEDS and Raynaud’s.