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Unsure of what to do, how to go on about my life

Hello, this is my first time trying this forum. I’m 25 year old, female- married . I was diagnosed with RRMS three years ago. I live in London. There are times when I feel lost, my partner is very supportive and caring but I feel like I’m being a burden.

Hi, I’d really like say things change but I’m 49, female, married, diagnosed with RRMS 21 years ago and I feel exactly the same as you on some days! On others I barely give MS a second thought. Just live the best life you can, look after yourself and try not to worry x


Completely understand how you feel, now in your mind reverse the situation between you and your spouse, what would you say?
Wishing you both all the best.

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We all sympathise with your plight, because we all have our own variations on the same thing.

MS is no ordinary illness. We don’t get better, only worse. The only differentiators are which bits get affected and the rate of progress. Depressing when it;s presented like that :cry: Some can carry their MS with them for 50+ years whereas others can be bedridden in 5 years. “Others” (people without MS) don’t “get” this. They’ve had illnesses, injuries, even bad stuff and recovery usually follows. This is what we have to come to terms with, firstly ourselves - the non-recovering bit. This is what makes us different and what we have to ask the others to understand.

At a cold clinical level, we need to manage the expectations of our families, friends, employers etc. At a human level, we mustn’t become consumed by guilt or a sense of worthlessness. First with ourselves and then with our sphere of existence, we just have to concentrate on being the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be. Then, theoretically, we don’t need to apologise for the stuff we can’t control, don’t need to feel so much guilt for the things we have become less capable at, and avoid denial - it “protects” nobody.

Easy then. No it isn’t! Because we’re human. Do what we’re all doing, every day, which is our best, and if you know you’re doing your best, you’re living a life and that’s worth smiling about :grinning: