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Unsure if symptoms are significant.

Hi all.
I am 41 and have has quite a problem left eyelid twitch for about 6 months that comes and goes. For about 5 years I’ve had what the dr has diagnosed as carpel tunnel in my left hand. I wear a brace at night and this mostly stops the numb fingers I wake up with. There are times when I am at the gym lifting weights and the numbness comes back or if I bend my wrist the wrong way. The numbness passes within a couple of minutes. At the age of 21 I had an extreme bout of vertigo where I was send for a brain scan which revealed one lesion on my brain. I was recalled 6 months later foe a rescan and the lesion hadn’t grown and there were no changes so I was given the all clear.
I’m just wonderingif the eye twitch and the numb wrist is enough to warrant another gp visit? There have been a few occasions my left little finger has been shaking unvolunarily however I have a pre existing injury to that finger (two childhood fractures).

Might be, might not. Your two symptoms affect different parts of the brain, so unlikely to both be affected by the same, single lesion. But we’re not Docs and don’t have access to all their fancy kit, so can’t diagnose. If it’s disruptive enough to your life, make the time to get it checked out.

Hello Melissa

Honestly, new symptoms depend very much on how much they affect / bother / worry you. If it’s niggling and lasts a short time, probably not worth the stress. But if it’s (eg your eye), more bothersome, lasts longer, affects your vision, especially colouration, then yes, see your doctor.