Hello everyone , im new in this forum , please help me anxiety is kinda killing me , id like to know how likely is it for me to have ms or any other condition like ALS and whether im going nuts :smiley: ,i am male and im 25 , my problems started a year ago when i over exerted myself a little ( i was very very inactive those days ,sitting on my computer desk the whole day for years ) , i started having metatarsalgia in right foot probably because of improper footwear too , then it was over after a week or two, but 3 months ago after going through a stressful and strange period ,metatarsalgia started again after walking for like 3 miles but this time accomponied with some back pain and some minor shooting pains down the leg , i started to get anxious by relating myself to all disorders i read online , overactive bladder for a day or 2 , the only way i could relieve myself of pain was to walk , then my calf muscles became too tight, i went to see neurosergoun and i had brisk reflexes , he told me there is something wrong in my hands as well( my right hand was worse i was told), i took a full spine mri test and EMG test , MRI stated everything was fine , but EMG stated 4 chronic nerve root lesions , bilateral moderate C8 lesions , mild right c7 lesion , mild right L4 lesion and mild left l5 lesion but no herniated disk, my doctor told me it was nothing serious , though he prescribed two corticostroid injections which i didnt do , he told me it was because of sitting too much and inactivity, and i had to fix my posture and do exercise and he told me it was general weakness causing my muscles to be stiff , then i made myself stress-free , i did a lot a walking in nature, i was much better , with minor symptoms, but again it started in 45 days , after few very stressfull days and some cycling and squats and push ups, i noticed my muscles become too tight after a little exercise , this time more than metatarsalgia it was the cramp like feeling , my hands are falling sleep at night and got heavy feeling to it , my calf muscles are very tight and stiff with minor spasms when i get anxious or just lying down, when i try to strech my chest i get a little pain , some shooting pains and occasional pins and needles sensations as well , im sorry my english is not so good and it maybe too tiresome to read , but anxiety is really making me sick and im thinking maybe there is a causal relationship between stress and these symptoms , , i would appriciate any advise on this mattter , , i dont undrestand what might have caused the lesions and whether they could cause muscle stiffness,

Hi there, What a stressful time this must be for you. I wanted to give you some moral support as I am not diagnosed either and have gone through hell over the last few years and got nowhere fast. Posture could indeed be playing a huge part in the strange sensations you are having, but so could things like diet. Maybe it might be an idea to get some blood work done in order to ascertain if there is something else going on that could be to blame for these sensations. I wouldn’t worry too much about ms, it could literally be anything. I hope you get sorted out soon for your own peace of mind. Take care S :slight_smile:

Hi all, I started with metatarsalgia 3 weeks ago, can only think it’s due to being on my feet for longer than usual and a rather stressful period. I’m now worried it won’t go away and all my August and September plans will be spoiled! I’ve done everything it says you should do to no avail and now wondering if it’s neuropathic pain or if I’ve got a new lesion? I’ve never had big or defined relapses and last MRI showed ms hadn’t been active even though I’d developed lots of muscle aches and pains and terrible fatigue (as in fibromyalgia). So I’m also wondering if it’s fibromyalgia in origin? It’s really getting me down now , any advice welcome, no possibility of a doctors appointment round here and I just could not face a very very lengthy wait in A&E just to be told to take briefness, put ice on it and rest it (which I’ve been doing for 3 weeks. ) unless there’s anything to indicate a break, ie bruising swelling can’t put any weight on it at all, the policy is not to X-ray!,

You should go back to your doctor for an x-ray, mine put me forward didn’t help as it was negative for arthritis I still have a pain in my hip. If you get no joy from them go to another doctor in your surgery or a new surgery if they don’t help. They should do it it’s your pain and body and by right you can ask for a second opinion. Good luck.


I visited my local GP a year ago with visual floaters and I had become quite clumsy. I also experienced fuzzy heads, where I would get confused. The GP referred me for a MRI to rule anything out. MRI came back normal. Symptoms continued but I managed as I knew MRI was fine. Within the last 6 weeks my family have noticed that I unknowingly shake my head from side to side when watching tv. I have also had what I call several laughing fits. I have uncontrollable laughing periods which only last a few minutes but end with me being breathless. No real reason to why I’m laughing. Finally I’ve noticed an increase in pins and needles in my right arm. I’ve tried getting an appointment with my GP but unable to get an appointment. Am I overreacting. I sometimes think I’m over thinking things and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

The only thing you can do is to ask your GP what s/he thinks. I know you’ve said you’re unable to get an appointment with your GP, but even if you have to wait a few weeks for an appointment, that’s the only way forward.

The chances are it’s not MS, as you had a clear MRI a year ago, and the doctor wasn’t worried, it probably won’t be now. But ask for a referral to a neurologist anyway. You don’t say whether you saw a neurologist last year, if not, you perhaps should now.

Best of luck.


Thank you. I only had MRI on head there was no referral. To be fair I think GP was looking At a gland in my brain more due to weight gain and thought my symptoms were from that. As I said when MRI came back clear I didn’t pursue. I will keep trying to get an appointment but thanks for putting my mind at ease.