I have some questions I have pins and needles in the hands on waking each morning. I have a lot of general aches and pains mainly in the lower back. I have experienced ED. I am easily fatigued and have had a stressful job for the past 3 years I’ve had a lot of unexplained health issues, not serious but ongoing, the type that can’t quite get diagnosed.

Should I ask my doctor about MS?

Hi If you are concerned it is a good idea to go to your GP but do not tell him that you think it maybe MS, reason is that there are a lot of illnesses that have the same symptoms as MS, and they need to do tests that help with a diagnosis. So expect quite a few tests. Some of the tests are blood, lumber puncture, MRI there is another but I can’t remember it. Someone in this forum will be able to answer many of the questions you may have but don’t Google, it will give you nightmares, it maybe to late for that but try not too. It may take a little while because you have to get the tests done before you see the neurologist, they are very busy, I got an appointment in November for April, this week coming so I know what you’re going through. I have double vision which has prevented me from driving until I had a plastic lens to put on my glasses. I have another appointment with the eye clinic in April to see if there is any difference, it hasn’t it’s been the same since October 2017. A long time. Well good luck Kay

Thank you. You’ve given good advice. I wish you luck with your tests and appointments

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Hiya, See Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis I think Kay was looking for Evoked Potentials. As she says; don’t tell them what to look for; generally they do not like it.

In 1981 i used to wake up every morning with left arm and hand dead with pins and needles and could barely hold onto anything. I finally got fed up of it, went to see my GP. I was asked if i smoked. Yes i said about five a day. Well he said thats what is causing it, stop smoking and it will go away lol. I kid you not.

I never knew what it was. it did just suddenly go away and suddenly i was left with right side pain and spasms in my right leg and told i had sciatica. I went to live in Africa and when i got home for several years i was more or less healthy.

I often wonder if it was the first symptom of my MS but i was told by an MS expert who told me i had M.E. not MS, if i had it in 1981 i would have been way more disabled. Yet hey i know people who have had MS since the seventies and still walk about.

So it was a mystery.

If you are worried talk to your GP it could be a trapped nerve in your neck anything. or low b12. x