Undiagnosed, waiting for referral. Wanting to become a mum again

Hello everyone
Been a hard few weeks waiting to hear how long the wait is for referral and looking at 4 months for a private consultation and 8 months for NHS.
Sent me to tears hearing I’ve got to suffer with symptoms and aniexty for that long. Symptoms are on the changes. Got the numbness, pins and needles. Burning sensation in hands. Pain in the right foot, going up into my ankle now. Muscles feel sore and weak in arms. Had this on and off throughout last year.
Now got numbness in top of spine/bum and getting diarrhoea on a daily basis.

I’m understand theirs a shortest of specialist but there’s no where to go while waiting. I said to my GP that me and my partner were just about to try for another child but since the symptoms came back and have stayed/got worse I know I should wait as if I have something neurological, having a baby isn’t a great thing to do (especially undiagnosed)

Anyone else in the same boat, wanting a baby but had to wait? I’m 34 soon so this hasn’t come at the best time for me and wanting a baby. Thankyou

Hi. Try to go private if you can,
as you need to know asap if you are thinking of TTCing. I am diagnosed, 43 years old, and I am TTCing for our very first baby. I am on plegridy injections every two weeks. It’s doable; even IVF is doable if necessary. Whatever it is, with good doctors by your side, you will manage. If necessary, go private, and then you can go to NHS for second opinion later.