Undiagnosed, TN ongoing

Hello everyone,

I am undiagnosed and unsure if I may have MS. I currently have a very extreme case of TN and am on carbamazepine & pregabalin to control it. I had it 5 years ago and it came back 10x worse. I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old so things are harder for me this time around. My doctors have told me that I’m very going to have TN and especially so extreme. I’m only 24.

I’ve had a lot of shooting pains in my arms and legs. I had ‘episodes’ for 24-48 where I couldn’t walk due to the pains in my legs. My face is tingling most of the time constantly and it’s on both sides of my face. I am extremely tired now and it just comes on all of a sudden I feel like I need to just instantly sleep. Doctors are saying this is due to meds and the shooting pains are side effects from my meds. The shooting pains didn’t start until 6 weeks or so after I started my meds so I’m not sure if it’s side effects …
I also get a strange feeling on my skin on my arm and shoulder it hurts when clothes touch it or a breeze. It comes and goes tho. And buzzing in my knees and thighs again comes and goes all very weird feelings.

Has anyone had anything similar to this? Does this sound like MS?

Thanks in advance people. Any help is useful to me at the moment. My doctor said MS typically wouldn’t affect both sides of the body!? Strange. X