Undiagnosed symptoms confused

18 months ago I noticed double vision while doing my hair, it was for short periods 10-30 seconds (nothing during the day or any other time) as the months go on it’s become every morning, when I get stressed , when I’m in light and just randomly. I’ve had neck pain and bouts of fatigue. I stopped methtrexate 18 months ago for psoriosis and started a new drug called otezela. This didn’t agree with me so I stopped it. The Period after stopping it I had a whole body of symptoms, leg pain, facial flushes, lymph nodes on one side of body swollen, double vision. I restarted methatrexate in May and some of the symptoms gradually disapated. However the double vision remained and numbness in right little finger.i have had an mri with some unusual large perivascular spaces but the two Nero’s I have seen say this is nothing. I have had the blood test for myasthenia gravis that was negative.

im baffled, my question is can methatrexate be masking something as sinister as ms? What steps can I take to approaching the neuro I’m seeing as the last visit he prescribed me painkillers and didn’t investigate what’s causing the pain in my neck.

im so tired of this and appreciate anyone taking the time to read this

Hello Jodie

I don’t think that Methatrexate can mask MS (for eg).

If you’ve had an MRI and there is no sign of lesions typical of MS, then I suspect that the neurologists are right and you don’t have MS.

Although if you still have neurological symptoms, you should try to get the neurologist to investigate further.

I suggest writing a list of what’s happened to you, with rough dates, put notes about what symptoms have subsided or if any have stayed with you. Be nice and polite with the neurologist, but ask that he do more tests or give you some idea as to what’s been causing all your problems.


Thank you sue, I have done as you suggested above and now am traveling abroad to have a mri of my neck and spine as I’ve asked the medical experts here in Uk and it has continually been dismissed. I feel like I’m going crazy! As some days symptoms are worse than others.

I hope you are successful in getting a diagnosis. Just a thought but could your meds have been causing these symtoms or am i missing the point here? Good luck

My methatrexate helped my symptoms it was hell when I came off it.