Undiagnosed, scared for my future career! RN

Hello everyone,
I have been experiencing symptoms of MS i believe.
Im 19 years old, and for 3 1/2 years i have been experiencing a tingling sensation on the tip of my nose ( only on the right side ), Although it only tingles whenever i touch it ( flick it gently to be more specific ). Also i experience this tingling on a small patch on my lip.
The reason i have come on to here to ask, is that i looked at what it could be on the internet ( Bad idea! ), and i found my way to this forum.
I’m also scared to go to the doctors, because i dont want to not get into the royal navy, which i have always wanted to do ( I start basic training in December ).
So is this an early symptom? of MS? ( what i have read points to this )

Lastly, im 19 year old male, fit and healthy, and on no medication.

Many thanks, PS123

Hi Sailor, from what you describe it could be anything from a damaged facial nerve to something more serious so it may be wise to see your gp to.put your mind at rest . In the mean while good luck.and bon voyage. Frank

Either way, it’s not an automatic game over is it? I was diagnosed in my first 6 months at uni and have since finished a 5 year dentistry degree and worked for a year too

Thank you for the reply Fluffy54,

Unfortunately it is im afraid ( In terms of my RN career), But then again, As one door closes, another opens!

Also, i forgot to put, my nose tingling, will be stop start throughout the day? Does this shed any more light?

Many thanks!

If you have read any of the posts on here and elsewhere on the net you should have found that MS s uch a complex and confusing disability. There are 4 different types and even then people with the same type can experience different symptoms and exibit varying different degrees of the various symtoms.

Try not to worry to much and as Frank says go to see your GP as we may have experience with the disorder but we are not doctors so it could be a numer of different things and hopefully it wont affect your chances sailor.

Good luck take care and I’m sure you will be sailing soon.

Hi PS123,

What everyone has said is right and the chances of it being MS is exactly the same as nerve damage. You need to go and see you GP and speak to them about it. I appreciate your dreams of a career with the Navy and I have friends in the RAF and Navy, not to put a downer on things but you will recieve a full medial and if you are not fit they will not allow you in. See you GP, look at it this way, Should you be on a mission but something happens causing you to put you crew/mates in danger… not good the same as falling ill on a ship means being transported for hours to a hospital. Get checked out and be possitive, it really could be anything.

All the best