Undiagnosed, more tests and feeling confused.

I have been suffering a number of symptoms for over a year now and after finding out Its not hormonal, diabetes, or gynaelogical I am seeing a new consultant and going for more blood tests and an MRI . MS has been mentioned but over the year, so many different ‘diagnosis’ have been mentioned I don’t know what to think. Notes say I have positive Hoffman, sustained clonus and bilaterally up going planters? I have unbearable fatigue and muscle and joint pain and have been suffering from depression for 10 years. I have the MRI next Monday and I really hope this sheds some light as I have now been signed off work as I’m a bit of a mental and physical wreck. Just very new to all this and wondered if anyone else has similar experiences. Thanks in advance

My experiences aren’t similar to yours but I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. It’s good that you are having tests so your symptoms are being taken seriously. I hope you get a diagnosis soon. I am also signed off work at the moment - it is difficult isn’t it!