Undiagnosed, First MRI in April

I’m going through a lot at the moment. I feel suspicious enough that I’ve got ms. I display all of the symptoms ranging from numbness and tingling in hands and feet, to spasticity in the neck back and my legs, as well as high levels of stress and anxiety from what seems to be Hyperacusis and phonophobia. I can literally feel the lesions on my brain and spine. Its affected my entire right side greately, as its much weaker than my left. I’ve been through many tests and several doctors but they can’t find what it is.

I’m really hoping that I can get diagnosed with this MRI because this has been agonizing and difficult to say the least. My parents don’t believe me and refuse to help me unless they see “proof”. It feels incredibly enraging/ frustrating because it feels like I’m on my own. I stuggle with a lot of depression and at times suicidal ideation. Thankfully, the thought of suicide hasn’t crept up on me lately. How many of you were diagnosed with a non contrast MRI? I don’t want to let them use contrast as I’m aware of its toxic effects on the brain and body.

HHello sweetheart. I know myself how not being diagnosed can really frustrate and upset you.

I have PPMS…displayed typical symptoms yet it took 22 years to get diagnosed. My cervical and thoracic lesions are sneaky little so and sos!

I had 5 MRIs but never with contrast.


I am so sorry to hear you are unsupported by the people most close and who are around you. This is the time you need them the most for physical and emotional support. But please do lean on this forum for support and a good old ‘rant’ - that’s therapeutic in itself!:heart:

You are a strong individual and this is just a moment in your life that will not define you, but will make you stronger and tougher! I can only share my experiences - I had MRI with contrast and they diagnosed me, after 2 MRI’s (spine and brain) with MS in 4 days from the moment I was taken in to hospital to being discharged.

I share my story/symptoms/daily living on my blog invisible_load_of_life on instagram - maybe you’ll find comfort and a community for support on there?

Sending love and strength,
Nin x

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Thanks for replying, I think it may actually be Lupus though that doesn’t make it any less difficult. I feel better now than when I typed that last post. A little less alone and hopeless. Things have gotten better and I hope I do receive a diagnosis soon. Take care and keep going.

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