Undiagnosed but with sypmtoms

Hello Everyone

I was hoping I could get some help from some of you ?
I have had health symptoms for around 7 years now with no diagnosis and I feel like I’m getting nowhere.It started out I got a bad dental infection (possibly not related) but slowly afterwards I started developing more different symptoms like acid reflux,gastrointestinal pain and feeling of pressure mainly down one side of my body,tingling in my leg (right side),frequently needing the bathroom during the night,very poor sleep,unable to get comfortable laying down,vertigo,tinnutus,blurred vision …quite a list.
I’ve done some reading and it seems alot of my issues Tick the box for MS but I’d be grateful if any of you can chime in or if you relate to any of these symptoms
I know I know, I need to be diagnosed by a doctor but right now I’ve lost all faith in the NHS ,I’ve had CT scans ,x rays blood tests …all normal apparently.
Thanks in advance

MS won’t show up on a CT scan, X-ray or blood test! You’d need an MRI , lumbar puncture and a neurologist to diagnose you. Your symptoms might be MS or they might not……who knows?

BUT you have faith in Dr Google!

Seems you have symptoms mish mash. Acid reflux, gastro pain doesnt sound like MS to me that sounds like indigestion. Sorry but the symptoms you mention dont necessarily point to one thing. Poor sleep actually is a classic FIBROMYALGIA symptom, so is the rest of the symptoms, my daughter has fibromyalgia, she gets acid reflux, bladder issues, dry eyes, blurred vision vertigo so bad it was called DROP VERTIGO as she would just drop to the floor, bladder issues and everything else you mention.

Also may I just ask kindly can you seperate your paragraphs as i struggle to read block text and i might miss something.

Please dont google. BLOOD tests are to rule out things they do not rule in MS. I wonder if something was triggered with your bad dental infection. Its amazing how the teeth and gums can affect the rest of the body.

Anyway your symptoms couold be many things, FIBRO, M.E., GALLSTONE, ULCER, LIFE, AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE, LIKE LUPUS…the list is quite full even LYMES disease.

I think you need to start from the beginning and stop googling IMHO. I say it straight as I dont have the energy to do it any other way. You may have MS, but then you may have Fibro. x

Hi Steve. Mmm, your symptoms don’t sound like typical MS ones to me. My initial symptoms way back in the last century, were dropped foot, fatigue, arm and leg spasms, bladder and bowel accidents.
It took 22 years to get a definite diagnosis, with MRI mainly?
Boods xx

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