Undiagnosed advice anyone cervical lesions

Hi I am really looking for advice particularly from anyone who has cervical lesions and their first symptoms. In April I had intermittent numb sensation in right foot in May it was both feet c coming and going.By the end of May it was in both feet all the time foot had a heavy numb sensation worse when you put shoes on.I then had burning nerve pain in the feet after activity and this involved the lower legs pain came from feet up.Early June tingling in left hand and small electric shocks to tips of fingers.By end of June nerve pain all over after activity strange sensations everywhere.End of June I went to wash hair in sink after bringing my neck back up I felt intense burning then an electric shock to back of head and down arms it was painful and scary.It made me realise something was def going on.Saw my Gp who sent me to a general Neuro in a small private hospital who specialises in migraines.She was very relaxed said she would send me to get Brain cervical and thoracic MRI done to outru me Ms.In the three weeks since seeing her have got alot worse nerve pain profuse sweating right hand feels weak.All symptoms from neck down.Gp keeps telling me to increase painkillers.The Neuro rang me Said Mri is clear and that means it’s not Ms and I could try B12 injections.My B12 is 390 and it might be Neuropathy of unknown cause.Started B12 and symptoms worse. Spoke with a friend who has Ms she said an Mri without contrast will only show areas of old scaring and if it’s first symptoms I may not have old scaring only the Mri with contrast will show active lesions.Said I also should have had a lumbar puncture.So saw a new Dr her husband is a Neuro said the shock sounds like lhermittes sign and may indicate cervical lesions said she feels there’s demylineation going on and wouldn’t be happy without more investigations.She has referred me to a large University hospital the wait is minimum 8 weeks. Looking for any advice particularly from people with cervical lesions.All pain etc is from there down.My background to this is alot of colds/flu last winter have bad immune system. .

Hi Maura,

I don’t have cervical lesions; in fact, don’t know where mine is.

Here is a map of the spine; it shows the part of the body that may be affected.

When injected into the body, gadolinium contrast medium enhances and improves the quality of the MRI images (or pictures). It does not necessarily pick up new lesions.

It is the resonances of the MRI. Most NHS machines are 1.5 Tesla; a 3 T is excellent, but at first, it is very easy to miss a lesion.

I strongly advise you purchase a copy; about £10.