Understanding MRI scan results

have had symptoms for the past 6 years. I had my full scan last week. I have had tingling pins and needles and loss of feeling in my left side. I have had nystagmus, ringing in my ears, bladder problems, forgetfulness, neck pain, fatigue, vertigo,burning muscles in my leg and buttocks, tingling fingers on both sides.

I have since had my MRI and the results were Persistant Hypersensitivity L sided with Upper Cervical T2 hyper intensity in the dorsal cervical region between C2 & C5. I am had a blood test for autoimmune and heavy metals. The neurologist mentioned something called Neuromyelitis Optica. After researching I don’t think I have that as it would have been picked up on MRI -optic nerve and at the opticians. Please can anyone help me understand my scan results??

Sorry am not able to interpret your scan readily so hope you get follow up soon

I think optician eye health checks do look at optic nerve head but cant go right into the brain obviously maybe. I think some of the more sophisticated tests might assist neuros in defining if its this or MS. Know they seem to be interchangeable a lot