underlined words

hi all

just noticed when i came on tonight that when reading posts certain words are blue and underlined and when you go over it it is advertising other web sites…anyone else getting this?


Hi Baz,

“Advertising”, or do you just mean someone has included a link in their posts?

Occasionally we get spammers who link to irrelevant sites that are selling something.

But we also get links from genuine posters, who have seen a site others might find interesting or useful. In the latter case, I wouldn’t call it “advertising”.

It always pays to have a healthy bit of scepticism about any link. Who’s posting it, and why? Is it a regular, whose views I trust, or is it someone who only signed up five minutes ago, and is already trying to sell me viagra?

But not all links are harmful, or advertising.

If it’s from a “trusted” poster, usually safe to click on the link, and have a read what it says.

Hope this helps,


hi tina

no it’s not a link…when you put the mouse pointer over it it opens up a smaller window with a list of web sites…

just going to ignore it but certainly haven’t seen it before…might do a virus scan on laptop…might be a prob my end


Can you give me a clue which post you noticed it in? I’ll check if it does it on mine.

Or is it everywhere? If it’s everywhere, no, I haven’t noticed anything like that yet.


Hi Tina It’s a hyperlink for a Post, document, site. If it is a document or site it ensures there is no infringement of copyrite. See site/post rules by mods Mike


I’m only seeing ordinary links, the same as they’ve always been. Has anything changed recently?.

If so, I must be asleep and haven’t noticed.


Hi I have notices the info as it appears in a hyperlink, but it arrears to be broken. I have posted with an internal link and it is normal. I will post again with a link to an external site. Mike

Hi All Enclosed is a link from an external site. If the hyperlink works you may as well have a laugh Aha! Jokes > Funny Guides > Hick computer terms #2 Mike


Your link looks perfectly normal to me - and works normally, too.

I’m not seeing anything odd or different about it.

Still confused by what Baz is seeing, that I’m evidently not.

I do get the little safety notice that tells you where you will end up if you click. But hasn’t that always been there?

To be honest, it’s so unobtrusive, I can barely tell if it’s always been like it, or not. I’m definitely not seeing “advertising”. Just normal links that you can click on or not, as you please.


It could be a pc security setting-re links and how they open as we see internal/external liks. Could try Start Tools Internet settings Mike