Uncaring nurses.

Do ‘uncaring’ people get attracted to the so called caring professions because they can hide their true nature under the cloak of ‘you must be caring’ be it a nurse, teacher, doctor etc.

ooooh! thats a toughie!

i was a staff nurse for 10 years (rmn) and feel that i got out at just the right time-my heart goes out to my friends who still work for the nhs. there ARE still some gems out there-working in an underfunded,understaffed nhs which is run by targets and strange guidelines and rules.

2 examples-i got a row for using 6 wipes to clean a faecally soiled patient.i was only meant to use 2 per patient each time. i was chatting to a patient who was expecting her 7th child and she had a very heavy cold-just feeling miserable. i was asked to leave this patient and pull plastic aprons off a roll and put them in a box. thats not why i chose my career…

just last week the headline story of local paper involved the poor standards in hosp-basic needs were not met,food/water and personal cleaning. its disgusting and unbelievable. stafford malarkey in news recently…its happening all over and is why i have refused hospital (successfully so far) and gp is aware its a last resort for me.

so why do folk do it? i think its because they do care and want to help but that intention is ‘beaten’ out of most by the ‘system’. so sad…

ellie x

Yes they hide behind their professional status. Ive known two teachers who had screws missing, hate to think what theyre like now. One used to stab everything in the house and tried to stab her husband, leaving on the central heating until the boiler blew up. The other used to fire a pellet gun at all the small children in my garden (they all had special needs). When police arrived his father disappeared the gun. To think theyre teaching - honest profession, I think not. Both lied to get out of their predicament and got away with it.

Ive also experienced nurses who hated patients, heard them talking whilst in for investigation for ms. Also had to help another patient who had had a stroke as they left her food out of reach and wouldnt show her how to use a walking stick. Since I was at that time the healthiest (still poorly) in the bay I had to take over or she would have starved and messed herself without help.

All these things happened years ago, so I hate to think what happens now, I read articles and despair. Caring must mean and demonstrate caring attitude, otherwise they should be fired. The government dont seem to understand what needs to be done, they just like picking on the vulnerable, instead of getting their house in order and getting rid of the rubbish in their ranks. Nobody leadeth from the top, apparently nobody leadeth anywhere seems to me.

I cringe when I hear on the news that the so called ‘caring’ professions - whilst there maybe some who do actually care all the bad ones let the side down.



Hi, I wonder if this is why so many health professionals prefer to work in the community.

My district nurses, podiatrist, physios, and OTs are wonderful. Last time i was in hospital was for an LP…staff were somewhat uninterested in my needs.

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