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hi, i was diagnosed with myelitis two years ago with a 50/50 of developing ms in the future. i have a lesion at C5/6. i have had a couple of ‘issues’ since but nothing too bad though gp says one more incident and i am back to the neurologist. as i am not diagnosed ‘yet’, would i still be able to chat to my local ms nurse with my queries? thank you sue x


I’m not sure, but I think you have to be referred to an MS nurse.

In my area, they do let you self-refer, but only on a confirmed MS diagnosis, so I think you probably would need your GP or neuro’s backing, to secure an appointment.

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I agree with Tina - my understanding is that you need a referral to an MS nurse. My friend got one via her GP, so perhaps you could try that?

Karen x

thank you both for your replies. i will have a talk to the gp.

sue x