Unable 2 scratch an itch

Hi all, i wonder if any one has a symptom of neck, ear, front and back of chest has gone numb for the last couple of days with a constant ache and tenderness to touch, when taking painkillers to relieve the ache there is a constant itch that is unscratchable if that makes sense, could anybody tell me if this is an MS symptom or maybe a nerve trapped.

Thank you for reading and any help would be appeciated


Sam xx

Hi Sam.

Sounds like a trapped nerve but i am no expert.But you should get it checked out,Doc,MS nurse will be a good place to start.

Get Well soon.


Hi sam. I have the same problem so i know how you feel.
I get a funny burning, tickling on my chest and back of my neck which makes me want to scratch. Ive had it quite a lot and it gets that bad sometimes if anything touches my skin i feel like scratching my skin off. Its not painful, more annoying.
My ms nurse said its nerve pain. As its kept me awake at night sometimes ive been told to get a codydramol (i think thats what it is) tablet which will take the annoyance away and help me sleep. They can make you light headed so to take them at night before bed.


thanks everyone it is good to know i am not the only 1.....its hard to figure out whats a sympton and what is not, shall contact my MS nurse today and arrange an appointment to see what she suggests.


Once again thank you xx


Sam xx

I hate those MS phantom itches with a passion - they are such a pest.  I'm afraid it certainly is something MS can do - just another symptom of scrambled neural traffic.  There are a number of drugs that can damp these kind of neuropathic problems down.  I hope you feel better soon.